• Location:
  • Property Type: Industrial
  • Hourly Rate: $1000.00

Full-service film and photography studio stages are outfitted with state-of-the-art lighting and equipment packages, controlled access to natural light, and 35-foot ceiling clearance.

Historic, industrial, modern warehouse. Also serves as a multidisciplinary arts facility for contemporary artists, photographers, and filmmakers. Access to freight elevator, kitchen, dressing rooms, green room, office spaces, private parking lots, elephant doors. Studios are on ground floor – easy access for car shoots.

Studio 1

8,800 sf studio space, 25ft-35ft ceilings, 20’ x 45’ corner cyc

2,500 of parking/outdoor shoot space

adjacent restrooms, dressing room, green room, & kitchen, wifi

can be combined with stage 2 for 10,000+ sf of studio space

Studio 2

6,600 sf studio space, 40ft ceilings

2,500 of parking/outdoor shoot space

adjacent restrooms, green room, & kitchen, wifi


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