The Academy

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  • Property Type: PrIvate Property
  • Hourly Rate: $1000.00

Property Details

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Film and event friendly

Fees are charged per floor / Very Expensive / No one permitted prior to 8am for any shoots or after 10 pm

Arched ceilings, arched windows, wood walls, textured ceilings, marble floors, spiral staircase, tall windows, track lighting, French doors, conference room, pastels, wainscoting, grand staircase, geometric patterned floor, wrought iron door and fence


Scouting is mandatory – Rooms change painting, decor periodically

Insurance requirements are 3 Million minimum (1 Million Primary coverage and 2 million umbrella coverage), no exceptions and from the State of New York

This location rents out per floor, more than one shoot at a time (different floors) may be going on, please be aware of this


You will be ticketed if you do not have the proper permits. Do not block the entrance to the apartment building next door. There is an Icon Parking Systems lot at 35-39 East 61st Street (Park/Madison). There are other parking lots farther East.


No trucks may idle outside prior to 8am, no people hanging around before 8am

Do not start your generators until after 8:00am.  Be quiet loading and unloading trucks. Don’t
shout or play music outside. Do not congregate in front of any other buildings.

Do not prevent deliveries to neighbors even if you are holding parking. No construction on the sidewalk.


Do not unload equipment in front of any other buildings. Keep it in front of the iron fence. Leave a clear path on the sidewalk. Do not stage equipment on the sidewalk – unload it and bring it inside.


No exterior filming or lighting on 63rd Street is permitted.


You MUST cover floors with layout board BEFORE you load in and protect walls anywhere you may lean items against them or potentially cause damage. Cover stairs with plastic. Make sure hampers and rolling carts have rubber wheels. Put protection under light and grip stands. We can protect marble floors for an additional fee. Do not put any kind of tape on any of the floors.


You are responsible for garbage removal. Have it picked up nightly. You can arrange with us for garbage pick up by our private hauler for an additional fee.


NO smoking in the house. You may smoke in the courtyard.  Have a “butt bucket” for your cast and crew – do not throw butts on the sidewalk or in the street.


No generators on 63rd Street, please. We have an electrical system that is most likely sufficient for your needs that you pay for on a daily basis.

Do not plug anything drawing more power than a computer or cell phone into baseboard duplexes. Ask which outlets are rated for steamers or other high amperage appliances. Do not open breaker boxes or touch any wiring, sconces, chandeliers or other electrical devices. If any change to the existing wiring fixtures, dimmers etc. is required a NYC Licensed Electrical Contractor must be used. We can have our house electrician available. Grips, electricians, set dressers or others must not change alter or substitute any fixtures dimmers wiring etc. (450.00 fee always includes in quotes)


Do Not Touch


You must tell us before hand if you plan on using smoke so we can have the smoke alarm disabled. If you set off the fire alarm, the fire department will come and you will be held responsible for the fine. The last one was over $900.


Do not throw paper towels in the toilets. Use the slop sinks for paint and brushes, not the dish sink or wash basins. If you clog the drains or put paper towels in the toilets, you will be responsible for the cost of the plumber.


We have ramps for the front entrance and interior steps. Orange safety cones must be put on either side of ramps whenever they are outside.


You can rent tables and chairs from us.


Please let us know your plans for interior and exterior propping and decorating including removing existing items. Do not make holes in any stone or wood work. You are only here for a short time; do not do anything permanent. Do not put nails or screws in “existing holes.”

Please let us know your plans for interior and exterior propping and decorating including removing existing items. Do not make holes in any stone or wood work. You are only here for a short time; do not do anything permanent. Do not put nails or screws in “existing holes.”


Ask before painting any walls – some you can, some you cannot.


Let us know what kind of rigging you will be doing before you start. Do not walk on the Spanish tile roof. Do not attach anything to the iron fence.


Use removable adhesive hangers. Use tension rods for window treatments. DO NOT make any new holes.


You can use the stove, oven and refrigerators, microwave, toaster oven, ice maker and coffee urns. Clean them and turn them off when you are done. Make sure the sink is clean and the drain is not clogged. Items in cabinets are property of the house. Ask staff if you need to borrow anything. There is a chest freezer for your use in the pantry. Do not put drinks in the freezer. They will explode.


Ask staff about controls. Do not touch.


Limit cast and crew to the area you have contracted to use. Stay out of all other parts of the house. Storage rooms are off limits. Items in drawers and closets ARE NOT yours for the taking. Ask if you need to borrow something, Ask.


Sweep all floors. Mop kitchen and pantry, wipe down countertops. Bring ramps inside. Remove all garbage. Do not leave empty cups, cans, bottles or other debris on the sidewalk or in the street. Take down your parking permits. Do not leave tape behind.


Minimum Rental Period: 10 Hours


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Preferred vendors upon booking

Policy & Terms

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Contract & terms to be presented at time of confirmation