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  • Location:
  • Property Type: PrIvate Property
  • Hourly Rate: $1000.00

Property Details

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Film friendly – Expensive

The roof has three “sections:” the north side, the south side and then the upper middle section that is two stories up from the other 2 – Must specify which roof to be used, fees vary accordingly

Chrysler building and city views

This is a residential building and the roof looks into apartments in some sections, please be  courteous,

Has standard 110 power outlets, small room for hair and makeup (no AC or heat)

The north (red quarry tile) and the south (sign) are all on the elevator floor.
The middle roof (above the other two) is two flights up (walk up).


Not always available, scouting is highly recommended

This location does not hold days, its a 1st come first serve basis

Must show workers comp proof or not allowed on roof, insurance must be from the State of NY,
and needs workers comp (mandatory),

Summer months special clearance needed for North Roof

The north roof (red quarry tile) is being opened to the tenants for the season (until October 30th), no shoots permitted

Some days may be able to be cleared, but no weekend shoots on North roof, we do apologize


Minimum Rental Period: 10


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Preferred vendors upon booking

Policy & Terms

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Contract & terms to be presented at time of confirmation